About IX

IX – Independent eXperts supports clients with expertise in all wind power plant life stages: Development, Construction and Operation, on and offshore.
IX has over 14 years of expertise on wind energy investments and technology.

Our goal is to work closely with our clients worldwide, providing technical and commercial expertise to reduce risks and to improve the return on wind power plant investments. IX bridges the gap between technical, commercial and legal matters. This emphasizes our role as ‘translators’ between the different ‘worlds’. Only by taking a holistic approach, a wind power plant investments as a whole can be optimized.

Having been involved in wind power worldwide, we are able to combine different experiences and apply them for our clients. It is of key importance to take the local circumstances as well as cultural differences into account.

Our valued clients include developers, owners and operators, banks and other financers. We have a proven track record in due diligence, acting as owner’s engineer and analyses and improvement of operational power plants.