Eric Kamphues – Strategy, contracts and financial
Eric is the Founder of IX and has been involved since he developed the new business at Mecal. He has a Master in Industrial management and Engineering, with specialization in law. He has worked in the wind power industry since 2002 and in offshore wind since 2006 in many different countries worldwide, with focus on Europe, Taiwan and Japan. His particular expertise relates to analyzing the business aspects of wind power. He is specialized in technical due diligence, financial models and operational strategies in on and offshore wind power.
Tom van der Linde – Develoment, Permits and Spatial Planning
Tom has a Master in Spatial Planning at Utrecht University and a Bachelor in Social Geography. He is specialized in project management, wind and solar development and due diligence. He has been involved in the power industry since 2009, of which six years in renewable power. Tom particularly excels combining expertise in multiple technical disciplines into solutions for clients.
Sven Kamphues –  Senior Developer
Sven has been a wind and solar power developer for about a decade. He is responsible for various wind and solar farms with a total of 300 megawatts of windprojects and over 120 megawatts of solarprojects. Sven’s activities include contracting all parties necessary for completing a project and resolving External Safety, procedural and commercial matters.
Paris Tzou – Business Development Manager
Paris is the Business Development Manager of the Taiwanese office of IX. She has a Master in biomedical engineering from NTU and a Ph.D in mechanical engineering from MIT. Previously, Paris worked at research institutes in the U.S., France, Italy and Taiwan. She has good connections with the Taiwanese government and local key industries. Paris aims to build cross-cultural bridges between IX and Taiwan.
Luc Pellis –  Consulting Engineer
Luc has a Bachelor in Environmental Science and a Master in Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University. He is specialized in wind and solar development, and policy regarding renewable energy and sustainable development. He has been involved in feasibility studies regarding wind, solar and balancing of energy. He excels in combining his technical knowledge of solar and wind with the financial feasibility.
Jeffrey Horn Lopes –  Consulting Engineer
Jeffrey has a Masters in Earth Sciences from VU University in Amsterdam, where he specialized in the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in archaeology. He has worked as a GIS Analyst and as Project Manager in an outsourcing centre for geospatial data. At IX, Jeffrey implements his knowledge of GIS into wind and solar projects by optimizing data management and performing spatial analysis.
Robin Stammis – Consulting engineer
Robin has a masters degree in Public Management from the University of Utrecht. After working as an IT consultant and developer at a major grid operator he decided to focus his professional development towards renewable energy. As consulting engineer Robin will support the team at IX in various ways by using his knowledge of and experience in stakeholder management, public administration and the energy sector.
Katar Abed – Consulting engineer
Katar has a Bachelor of Arts in archaeology and is in her final year of her Master’s of Science in Earth Sciences, where she specializes in GIS spatial analyses of landscape archaeology. She has worked as a GIS manager and spatial analyst in archaeological projects. At IX, she prepares feasibility studies for PV solar projects and carries out spatial analyses for IX projects.
Renate Wolters – PR Coordinator
Renate has a Bachelor degree in Multimedia Design and Technology. Initially her main focus was graphical and (front end) web design and development. Later on she expanded her activities with PR and marketing related services and is now responsible for all visual media and publicity activities surrounding IX.
Eric Weekamp – Project Manager
Eric, MSc. Energy Science, is specialized in financial models and has supported many offshore wind tenders in his career before joining IX. As project manager for IX, Eric’s focus is mostly on offshore wind project in Europe and Asia and currently leads the development and commercialisation of SOMOS7, the in-house maintenance tool.
Laura Loeffen – Executive Assistant
Laura has a broad background in renewable energy. Between earning her academic degrees in Politicology and in Renewables, she worked as a project manager for the Moscow City Goverment. She also has experience in feasibility and policy studies as an independent consultant. At IX, Laura’s duties consist of plannig, administration, quality management and internal processes and facilities.
Arjen Huisman – Finance assistant
Arjen is responsible for various finance related matters, which he performs with extended experience in providing online bookkeeping services to small to medium sized companies, including invoice and payroll processing as well as filing VAT returns.
Marvin Clazing – HSSE planner
Marvin has a bachelors degree in built environment, spatial planning and urban development. He specializes in HSE,  emergency  response and external safety.  At IX,  he is responsible for preparation and reviewing of HSSE strategies and plans.
Marc Kuyer – Heavy lift specialist and safety officer
On top of his degree in hydraulics and pneumatics/automatization technology, Marc is also educated in complex lifting, hoisting and heavy transportation solutions.
At IX, Marc combines his technical knowledge with over 30 years’ practical experience in the vertical and horizontal transportation for the wind industry. Besides reviewing lifting and logistic plans, Marc also supervises on-site installation and repair works to ensure safe and reliable execution.
Heinrich Duden – Offshore Logistics & Planning
Heinrich has a bachelor in Physics at the University of Hamburg. He has worked in offshore wind power since 1997. Since 2007 he has always been part of the IX team for offshore wind power project as a reliable eXpert partner. His specific expertise is in the field offshore project planning, surveys and investigations, vessels and logistics. In addition, his experience with logistics is essential for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.
Kees de Visser – Electrical Systems and Offshore HV stations
Kees has a Master in Power Electronics from the University of Delft. He has been involved in electrical engineering of power systems since 2001. Since 2009, Kees has been a frequent addition to the team as senior electrical engineer on flexible basis. His knowledge of and experience with (offshore) substations, grid connections and power grids have proven very valuable for many projects, on and offshore.
Frank Roeloffzen – Contracts & Construction
Frank has a Master in Business Administration with the University of Twente and a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in the renewable energy industry since 2006 and since 2008 he has been part of the IX team and worked on projects in Europe and North America and . In parallel he is also involved with construction and management of real-estate. His expertise if focused on contracts and management of balance of plant and wind turbine contracts execution during the construction stage.
Jens Regtop – Project Management, Electrical Systems & Commissioning
Jens is a Diplom Ingenieur in Electrical Engineering at the FH Bielefeld in Germany. He works in the wind power industry since 2001. While initially focussed on LV, MV and HV electrical systems, Jens developed extensive expertise in turbine control, SCADA and wind farm management systems. He also managed the construction and commissioning of many wind farms in Europe and the USA.
Andrea Sanchez Ramirez – O&M analyses
Andrea has a Master in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Business Administration and is a researcher in the field of vibration analysis. She has worked as analyst since 2005 in Colombia, the Netherland and USA, with particular expertise relating to drive trains, vibration analyses and O&M analyses.