Ton van Dortmont

IX Wind played an essential role evaluating external safety aspects of wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg, located in the Amsterdam harbor area, in an industrial complex environment.

Being true experts on this, they managed to convince the authorities, Vattenfall, ProRail and Dutch Railways that wind turbines at this location can be built and operated in a safe way.

Ton van Dortmont  |  Development Manager Wind Energy at Nuon/Vattenfall

Steef van Baalen

IX Wind has successfully supported our team with regards to the implementation of permit requirements. An important aspect is coming coming to agreement with proper authorities on the execution of archaeological baseline studies. IX was very valuable in making this happen.

Steef van Baalen  |  Senior Projectmanager at Windunie Development

Per Johansson

IX' contribution to the Maevaara project in Sweden made substantial impact to secure a high end delivery of a wind farm with cutting edge technology. I have worked close with IX as the independent expert they really are. Their contribution cannot be underestimated.

Per Johansson  |  Projektchef/Construction Manager at OX2


Eric’s team not only performed a technical due diligence review covering 9 wind projects at the same time, but also went the extra mile to help us clearly understand local industry practice and regulatory requirements. We are immensely grateful for their invaluable support, which led to our first successful transaction in the Netherlands.

Taichi KATAYAMA  |  Director Eurus Europe