Dutch-Japanese Consortium Wins Borssele III-IV

Dutch OWF Sites

Dutch OWF Sites – Courtesy of RVO

Monday at 17:45 Netherlands time, the winners of the second tender round for Dutch Offshore Wind were informed that they had won the bid. With a new Dutch record amount of 5,45 Eurocents per kWh, Mitsubishi Corp., Eneco, Shell and van Oord, were awarded the construction and operation of the future offshore wind farm.

The amount is significantly lower than what had been reserved in the governement budget. It is expected now that only 300 million Euro of subisidies shall be given, opposed to the reserved amount of close to 3.000 million. A saving for the Dutch taxpayers of 2,7 billion Euro, and, more importantly, demonstrating a strong trend in cost reduction, well ahead of any forecasts.

Borssele III-IV sites and Belgian OW

Borssele III-IV sites and operating Belgian OWF – Courtesy of RVO

At the price of 5,45 cents, the energy produced is expected to be less expensive than the ‘grey’ electricity market price in less than 7 years, depending how fossil fuel prices develop. If externalities (society costs) are considered, it is already less expensive than fossil fuel generated electricity.

IX congratulates the Blauwwind II consortium of Mitsubishi Corporation, Shell, Eneco and van Oord with winning the concession for the Borssele III-IV sites, in de second tender round of the new Dutch policy.

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