IX Wind and Foxwell Energy have officially entered into a cooperation

In the past year, IX Wind has already been executing the role of advisor for Foxwell and is leading the procurement of the Wind Turbine Generators.

Entering this new, formal agreement ensures a long term commitment and stability in the realization of the TPC Offshore Wind Power Generation Phase II Project.

The project involves the full scope of engineering, procurement, construction, installation and operation and maintenance for the following  years. Foxwell Energy is the first company in Taiwan to execute a full EPCI contract. The specific demands that are implied with a state owned company project can form a challenge, as well as complying with the Taiwanese local content demands.

Taipower’s offshore wind farm, also known as Zone 26, will be approximately 300 MW and consist of 31 Vestas turbines with Century Steel foundations.

One of the roles of IX Wind is expanding the Taipower Phase II OWF project team with experts, package leads and senior management. The experts that will be reinforcing the project team originate from both IX Wind, as well as from IX Wind’s international network. Since December 2020 the project team has gone through significant developments. The team is expanded to continuously improve

Eric Kamphues (IX Wind): “With Foxwell Energy, we have found a very strong local partner with whom we can realize many of our ambitions for the global energy transition. We feel the capabilities of both companies complement each other, but we also have very similar ambitions on the field of renewable energy. Leveraging European expertise with Taiwanese local content, our focusses lay on different parts of the project, but our visions and ideas are the same.”

Assembling this blend of international and local expertise is all about a long term vision that IX Wind and Foxwell Energy share: The focus is not just on completing the Zone 26 project, but also on laying the foundation for the inheritance of knowledge and expertise that bridges cultures and disciplines. As an integrated part of the Taiwanese team, IX Wind entered a very close cooperation with Foxwell, which is one of the key-elements that ensures that Foxwell will have the right offshore wind farm project team now and in the future.

David Poo (Foxwell Energy): “We have been most fortunate to have a capable and flexible partner as IX Wind to bring international industry knowhow into our project in such a short period of time. By mixing European expertise and young Taiwanese engineers in the project, the cooperation plants a seed for the future of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.”


According to the current schedule and the course of actions, Zone 26 will be operational in 2025.

Construction will begin in 2024 and the production of the balance of plant components will commence in 2022. Several production locations for local content components are already being constructed.

About IX Wind

IX Wind is part of the IX Renewables group, with headquarters in the Netherlands and formal entities in Taiwan and Japan. With over 15 years of experience in on- and offshore wind, IX Wind has the ambition to play a substantial role in the global energy transition, particularly through the realisation of offshore wind power plants in Asia.

In Taiwan, besides the cooperation with Foxwell Energy, IX Wind is working on several offshore ánd onshore projects.


About Foxwell Energy

Foxwell Energy, an affiliate of Shinfox, had won the tender from Taiwan Power for the development of the Taipower Offshore Wind Project Phase II at a total contract cost of $2.11bn (NT$62.89bn). Shinfox is the renewable energy branch of the Foxlink Group.


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