During the contracting and construction phase, the majority of the CAPEX, OPEX, revenues and risks of a wind power plant will be fixed. This implies, a number of important choices are to be made. How can a good result of the expenditures be ensured? Are responsibilities well defined?

What is a better choice? A full EPC contract with more certainty, or multi contracting, with potentially lower costs? It all depends on the project participants and capabilities of the sponsor and its team. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Interfaces between different suppliers are an important concern. The interface risks are borne by the sponsor and thus require careful management. This is even more the case with the added complexity of offshore wind power.

A further concern influencing future performance is quality of the supplied equipment and services. How should management of the different packages be arranged? How is quality controlled and payment milestones verified?


Tender management
IX prepares or supports in tenders for Wind Turbine Generators and Balance of Plant and manages the tender process and contracting on behalf of the sponsor. During the process, we maintain close communication with the client as well as the bidders. Preferably, a pre-design is made to achieve the best tender results. In addition to the procurement of the wind turbine, civil works and electrical works, also the related service and warranty agreements are an important part of the total investment plan.

  • RFI
  • Pre-Design
  • Request for Quotation
  • Clarifications
  • Evaluation & Selection
  • Optimisation & Contract Negotiations

Owner’s or Bank’s Engineer

As owner’s or bank’s engineer IX monitors quality, progress and contract compliance during the manufacturing and construction process, as defined in (FIDIC) contracts. Furthermore, IX signs off payment milestones after verification and raising and escalating issues where necessary.

Final Acceptance Audit

Prior to acceptance of the wind power plant, IX verifies compliance to contract:

  • Factory / Site acceptance tests
  • Wind turbine settings
  • Wind turbine and infrastructure quality
  • Preparation ‘snag’-list
  • Test Run Conformity
  • Presence and adequacy of (as-built) documentation
  • Performance Verification
  • Contract Compliance


For offshore wind power plants, IX is experienced in procurement of the following work packages:

  • Wind Turbine Generators & Installation
  • Installation and service vessels
  • Foundations
  • Service and Maintenance Agreement

Owner’s Engineer

Being Owner’s Engineer in offshore wind, typically revolves around a specific work package for which quality of the execution and contract compliance is to be monitored. Thereby IX is typically a part of the package management team.  IX supports as Owner’s Engineer with the following packages

  • Wind Turbine Generator
  • WIV & Logistics
  • Offshore Foundations

Typical processes monitored are:

  • Manufacturing and FATs
  • Handling, load-out and sea-fastening
  • Handovers between contractors
  • (Pre-)installation works
  • Commissioning
  • Passing of risk and title
  • Claims for less/extra work and LDs
  • Weather downtime registration
  • Verification of Milestone Completion

Lenders’ Engineer

The role as Lenders’ Engineer is different in offshore than onshore. As Lenders’ Engineer, IX is involved from an early stage of the project, even before the lenders have been selected. The purpose is to take a holistic view and monitor the project, ensuring that risks are managed properly. We work closely with the sponsor in all aspects of the project, however we report to the Lenders about findings.