HSE and Risk Management

HSE and Risk ManagementHSE and Risk Management

There are several responsibilities involved with contract management, that is why it is beneficial to outsource to a third-party. The first phase is decision making for an effective contracting strategy; do you want a full EPC contract with more certainty, or do you prefer multi contracting, with potentially lower costs? When contracts are negotiated and settled the next phase is monitoring of the execution.

A partner in contract management guards the process and adjusts if necessary, for example if amendments are necessary or by reporting deviations to you. By meticulously monitoring the execution of the contracts risks are managed and negative financial consequences are reduced. IX Wind has both the expertise and a proven track record in contract management.

HSE and Risk Management

IX Wind can offer support through being:

Adaptive Holistic Bridging Worlds in Wind
Whether you need a risk assessment done or an in-depth report on a possible mitigative measure, IX can provide to your needs. Your safety policy requires more than risk assessments on-paper alone, that is why IX can also support you through on-site HSE-supervision and compliance during construction. IX is able to bridge commercial, legal and technical worlds and help you map all types of risks to a complete overview of your project.

Selected reference projects:

Windfarm Moerdijk Moerdijk, The Netherlands 25 MW – Nordex 131-3.6 MW
Demolishing Windfarm Westereems Eemshaven, The Netherlands 27 MW – Enercon E82

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