GIS Services

In today’s global competitive renewable energy market, data-driven decisions are a necessity for making smart decisions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used to manage, analyse, and visualize data. Specialists perform spatial analyses and geospatial modelling, for instance to locate prospective sites.

For example, potential sites for wind farms are identified based on criteria such as optimal wind direction and strength, surrounding objects and restrictive safety zones. For solar parks, aspects such as solar irradiance and slope orientation are more important. Our GIS consultants also build systems to monitor and manage wind farm operation and maintenance, performance, environmental factors and urban and regional planning aspects.
The consultants of IX Wind have the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and successfully unify the geographic, technological and policy aspects of your renewable energy projects. Be it successful development, efficient operation and maintenance or support in decommissioning, IX can provide you with tailor-made products that will allow you to run your business smoothly.

GIS Services

IX Wind can offer support through being:

Adaptive Holistic Bridging Worlds in Wind
It does not matter whether your project is specific or abstract, solar or wind, IX is up for the challenge. As both developers and consultants IX understands the bigger picture. IX is able to bridge commercial, legal and technical worlds.

Selected reference projects:

Solar Park Batendijk Berkelland, The Netherlands 9 MW
Windfarm Buren Buren, The Netherlands 8 MW – Vestas V90-2.0 MW
Site Identification Pingdong Taiwan

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