In a world where choice is abundant, making decisions gets increasingly complex. Is too much choice stressing you out, making it harder for you to choose the right procurement strategy for your wind- or solar-projects? Some companies specialise in procurement and can support you through several stages in the process. Procurement entails (but is not limited to); tender management, selection procedures and negotiation with potential suppliers.

Tender management is all about asking the right questions, hosting clarification meetings and setting deadlines for bids. When the deadline has passed and all the bids are in a selection of potential suppliers takes place based on scoring and ranking of their bids. When the suppliers are narrowed down the negotiations start. IX Wind is specialised in managing all of these processes and more.


IX Wind can offer support through being:

Adaptive Holistic Bridging Worlds in Wind
IX Wind delivers according to your needs. IX provides you with an all encompassing service that covers all relevant aspects of the procurement process. IX Wind is able to bridge commercial, legal and technical worlds through a no-nonsense approach.

Selected reference projects:

Windfarm Strekdammen Eemshaven, The Netherlands 10 MW-GE Cypress 5.3 MW
Procurement of vessels Japan

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