Due Diligence

What are the risks of a planned wind power plant not being built? What is the expected wind resource? Is the chosen installation vessel suitable? How does the chosen technology affect the risks level or operational expenditures? How is the wind plant really performing?

These are the types of questions that often arise during acquisitions or when financing is needed. Questions, that are commercial in nature, and also require technical and legal investigation during a due diligence. Seller, buyer or financer, all parties wish to make a deal, only when the conditions are right and well known.

During the technical due diligence, IX investigates risks, opportunities, CAPEX, OPEX and revenues from techno-economic perspective. To make the deal possible, we advise how issues can be solved or mitigating measures that can be taken.

M&A Technical Advisor

Due diligence is one of the core activities of IX. The IX team has a strong track record in acting as technical advisor to buyers or sellers, or to lenders in both on and offshore wind farms.  Our experience ranges from projects in development, construction to operational assets and mixtures of these in portfolios, both on and offshore.

Technology Evaluations

Additionally, IX is frequently involved by banks or utilities to evaluate (new) wind turbine technologies regarding their reliability, risks and expected maintenance costs.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of the wind power plant is reviewed based on a combination if information sources: SCADA data, visual inspections, wind resource, maintenance logs, operational reports, interviews with maintenance personnel etc.

Historic performance is analysed to forecast future results and to identify what the opportunities are for improvement

Our track record in due diligence includes over 26.000 MW of capacity on- and offshore and over 20 wind turbine models.

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