The operation phase should be the longest of the wind power plant. This is where the earnings of the investment are finally made, if things go well.

How to ensure that the wind power plant keeps performing as is should? Often it can even do better. Not only the turbine technology, also the entire internal organisation and supply chain play a vital role in the profitability of the business of running a power plant.

To support our clients in achieving the best return on their investments, IX provides various services, amongst which:

Condition assessment

IX provides the client with “picture“ of the current state of a wind turbine. By having a strong technical basis on wind turbine technology, IX supports the interpretation and evaluation of the streams of data regarding the wind turbine condition. We offer a comprehensive assessment of Turbine settings, SCADA, CMS, alignment, noise, oil lube samples, thermographic images and visual inspections for identifying the components and subsystems at risk for turbine operation and production. This is often combined with a historic check on maintenance and operational logs. By a holistic evaluation of wind turbine condition, it is possible to perform effective maintenance interventions that minimize developing damage and anticipate catastrophic failures.

Performance monitoring: 

The next step in preventive maintenance and optimisation, is continuous monitoring the performance of the wind power plant, particularly the wind turbines. IX provides forecast of the expected power performance and identifies maintenance needs to prevent unplanned downtime and production loss. Furthermore, we advise on improvements that can increase plant performance. This is based on continuous monitoring of SCADA data combined with maintenance activities and vibration CMS (if available).

Business analysis and engineering

Nearly every wind power plant has potential to perform better than it does. There may be opportunities in the organisation, technology, supply contracts or other factors, which contribute to the commercial performance of a wind power investment.

IX supports operators to assess the current and historic operation of the wind power plant, to identify and implement improvements or ways to reduce risks by employing a holistic approach. To analyse and optimise the maintenance strategy of the operating power plant, we make use of our SOMOS simulation software.

Our analyses and engineering covers, amongst others:

  • Organisation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Contracts
  • Power Production & Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Operations Management
  • Spare Parts Stock
  • Technical Risks
  • Budgets