We tend to spend a lot of time behind screens and in meeting rooms. However, to assess the technical state of a windfarm one has to actually be on-site to perform inspections. This calls for experienced and well-trained personnel that is able to verify the technical state of turbines and pinpoint defects and (potential) issues.

Inspections can play an important role in due diligence, end-of-warranty or the actual take-over of a windfarm. These processes are not limited to a technical evaluation but also require further analysis. By collecting and analysing inspection data, patterns in technical deficiencies are identified. This information can be used to base your decisions on, for example how much retention is required in order for the supplier to fix the defects.


IX Wind can offer support through being:

Adaptive Holistic Bridging Worlds in Wind
Your demand determines IX Wind’s focus. Technical reports are not seen as an end, but as a means for you to base your important business decisions on. IX is able to bridge commercial, legal and technical worlds and it not limitted to purely technical reporting, but also monitor and analyse legal and commercial aspects.

Selected reference projects:

Windfarm Högkölen
Högkölen, Sweden 68.4 MW – Vestas V126-3.45 MW
Windfarm Lehtirova
Lehtirova, Sweden 148 MW – Vestas V126-3.45 MW

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