Offshore Operation and Maintenance

Offshore Operation and Maintenance

The challenges and complexities, particularly in offshore wind, require good preparation to control risks, costs and revenues. An elaborate Operations and Maintenance (O&M) strategy is essential to manage risks and maximize return on investment. However, compliance to regulations and a thorough HSE policy are just as important to a complete strategy. Consultancies in offshore O&M ensure all these aspects are fully integrated in the strategy.

The O&M concept is their starting point in the early stages of the development of an offshore windfarm. When the project evolves the strategy matures and thus a definitive version has to be ascertained. IX Wind does not only have years of experience in offshore O&M but also has developed the software tool SOMOS7 that gives insight in your offshore O&M finances.

Offshore Operation and Maintenance

IX Wind can offer support through being:

Adaptive Holistic Bridging Worlds in Wind
We can answer all your questions through the combined use of our know-how and SOMOS7. We understand that you need an all-encompassing O&M strategy for your offshore windfarm. We are able to bridge commercial, legal and technical world; we can assist you in your entire O&M strategy process.

Selected reference projects:

Éolien en mer Diepe Le Tréport France 496 MW – Siemens SWT-8.0 MW – 167
Éolien en mer des îles d’Yeu et de Noirmoutier France 496 MW – Siemens SWT-8.0 MW – 167

Also see our SOMOS7 page for more information on related services we can offer.

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