Sif Offshore Foundations

IX is representative of Sif. Sif was founded in 1948 and is among the largest steel tubular manufacturers for offshore foundations for wind farms and oil & gas platforms. The offshore market is continuously changing. This requires vision and innovation that shape future developments. Sif has proved itself as a reliable business partner because Sif is already meeting these challenges today.

Sif is considered the tubular supplier for each type of foundation by industry standards:

  • (XL) monopiles
  • piles for jackets
  • tubulars for gravity based
  • suction based foundations

Sif continuously invests in production equipment, in enlarging the production envelope to produce XL monopiles and in progressive automation. These investments enable Sif to support customers in their common goal to lower the cost of energy. In offshore wind, Sif is the leading monopile company. They are also ready for the jacket era. Here, the Sif focus lies on supplying jacket piles in large quantities using highly automated production lines.

Serial production of monopiles up to 11 meters

Market developments indicate that in the future even more powerful wind turbines (10-12 MW) will be located in deeper water. In anticipation of these developments, Sif Group has further expanded its production capacity. The first monopiles were assembled at the end of 2016, and the first load-out took place at the deep-sea quay in January 2017. With the addition of this extra capacity, Sif is able to produce and coat monopiles with a diameter of an impressive 11 meters and a maximum weight of 2000 tonnes, using lean manufacturing serial production technologie .

Watch how monopiles are being produced: