Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of wind power plants is the final factor determining the profitability of the investment in wind power. OPEX can be up to 40% of the lifecycle expenses, while revenues are fully dependent on maintenance. The challenges and complexities, particularly in offshore, require good preparation to control risks, costs and revenues.

For this purpose, we developed SOMOS (Strategic Operation & Maintenance Optimisation Simulation). SOMOS is an analyses software tool developed in house, which we use for consultancy support. It provides insights in the impact of operation strategies on the commercial performance of a wind power plant, and support with optimisation. It is of most value for logistically complex situations, such as offshore wind, remote areas or artic conditions.

It has been developed by combining years of experience from operations, maintenance, performance monitoring, and wind farm development. It is based on Monte Carlo Simulations and makes use of a variety of input variables to calculate probable scenarios.

SOMOS leads to:

  • Increased Profits – by optimising OPEX versus Power production and revenues
  • Improved Risk Management – by identifying key risks
  • More Accurate Cash Flow projection


Some applications of SOMOS:

  • O&M Strategy development and testing
  • Service Contract Negotiations
  • Cost forecast
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Performance Improvement of Operating Wind Farms