Operation and Maintenance (O&M) cost and strategy of windfarms are crucial factors for determining the profitability of the investment in wind energy. Operational Expenditure (OPEX) can be up to 40% of the wind farm lifecycle expenses, while revenues are strongly dependent on the adequate execution of the maintenance activities.

The challenges and complexities, particularly in
offshore wind, require good preparation with
regards to the maintenance strategy & contracting
to be able to control the risks, costs and revenues.
Therefore, software tools that provide insight in
the optimal O&M strategy are of vital importance.
SOMOS by IX Wind does exactly that and more.
IX’s business consultants will also help you
interpret the outputs of the model so you can focus
on choosing the best O&M strategy.
SOMOS is kept to date with the market and clients’
needs, therefore SOMOS7 has been recently
upgraded to SOMOS8 for faster analyses and
seamless compatibility with onshore wind farms.

Selected reference projects:

Wind Farm Formosa  Taiwan 130 MW – Siemens SWT – 4.0 MW – 120
Siemens SWT – 6.0 MW – 154
Éolien en Mer Diepe Le Tréport France 496 MW – Siemens SWT – 8.0 MW – 167
Éolien en Mer des Îles dÝeu et de Noirmoutier France 496 MW – Siemens SWT – 8.0 MW – 167

SOMOS8 leads to:

  • Increased Profits – by optimising OPEX versus Power production and revenues
  • Improved Risk Management – by identifying key risks
  • More Accurate Cash Flow projection

Applications of SOMOS8:

  • O&M Strategy development and testing
  • Service Contract Negotiations
  • Cost forecast
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Performance Improvement of Operating Wind Farms

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