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Windplanner is a web application for the planning, simulation, visualization, and communication of wind projects. This software shows the visual impact on the environment in 2D, 3D, 360 degree photos, and in VR. It is an extremely accurate and time-saving tool, that allows you to view the project from any angle, in photorealistic images. This can be of great benefit in stakeholder management, and also the permitting process.

How Windplanner works

Top features


Place turbines anywhere in the world, upload your own map layers, compare layouts.


Adjust brand/ hub-height/ rotordiameter, change time and day to check out shadows, adjust wind speed and direction.


View in StreetView, upload your own panorama photo’s, adjust camera settings such as angle of view.


Work online together with project members in one workspace, share viewpoints with residents online or at information events, in VR or in high-resolution pictures.

What Windplanner could do for your project

IX is premium reseller of this advanced software service. Which means IX informs clients of the possibilities and will be the first point of contact for services related to Windplanner, such as training, support and photography services.
If you are interested in what Windplanner could do for your wind project, please contact us.